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  National swimming championships off soon hold open training session Off World Championship just around the corner, the national swimming team held a public training session each have their own clever words are "laugh" smile Liu Xiang interview. Guangzhou Daily reporter BAI Zhi standard photo all media ■ Guangzhou Daily media reporter BAI Zhi-wide landmark July 21, the biennial World Swimming Championships will be opened in Gwangju, Korea.As outpost Tokyo Olympic Games, World Championships is the most important observation of the opponents platform, the worlds basic team will make removal of the main participants.Yesterday, the Chinese swimming team held a public training session, "turtle" Xu Jiayu, "Wang expression" fu yuanhui and "pool Goddess" Liu Xiang, the most compelling.Xu Jiayu · joke will force me to take the training after the end of the championship, Xu Jiayu out of the pool, suddenly attracted to "Changqiangduanbao" photographers to shoot from different angles, Xu Jiayu, plus there are a lot of young female reporter, the young man suddenly a little shy, with a towel wrapped himself tightly.World Championships two years ago, Xu Jiayu turned out, won the mens 100 meters backstroke gold medal, becoming a star Sun Yang, another swimmer.Face of the upcoming World Championships, Xu Jiayu frankly: "Can the defending fact, Im not sure, but I will do my.Now training is also good, hope that the successful completion of the game, should have good results."This is Xu Jiayu participate in the 4th World Championships, he reported that the six projects.Xu Jiayu Jiang stressed that their ability to defend hard to say, "Im going to shock 100 meters backstroke champion, we do not have high hopes, Ill try.The still hope to the next level, the next step is the Olympic Games."A reporter asked to good luck, Xu Jiayu said:" I was lucky logo swimming cap."Turning to the opponent, he said that of course will be to focus on," but not as good as its focus on the competitors do yourself to become more powerful."There is concern female reporter Xu Jiayu pectoral muscles and increases," Oh, you focus less on!"Xu Jiayu embarrassed smile and say," Weight really gone up, but I will not let weight become their burden."Interestingly, after the interview, he joked leaving:" Maybe someone push me, Ill get the title of."Fu yuanhui · married funny affect on career since the Rio Olympic Games due to a vivid expression about fame, fu yuanhui high popularity, has her place would be filled with laughter and saying.This time she talked about marriage and children: "married to me now is not a big thing, love certainly affect business, so I am here, there is no influence of the cause of things, I still cherish the time athletes."Fu yuanhuis parents also appeared the same day in the training field, fu yuanhui revealed that, in fact, he does not want their parents to live in the game, because it will distract.Fu yuanhui said his physical condition a lot better than last year, hoping to achieve good results in the World Championship.She said that he last week Bayao flash, shoulders a little sore, so back covered with cupping mark."The results that he would like to raise this age more difficult, one of my first team from the smallest to one of the oldest players in the team now, for me, the training system can be very good, the game has nothing look forward to."She said," The goal is in fact no goals, older thing, to enter the finals like, can not enter have nothing to do, anyway, to do their utmost to bar."Having a proper business, fu yuanhui began a free play, Fu language and facial expressions moment comes:" Now my free time to do?Thank you to care about preparations for war swim team, thank you very much friends in the media, the swimming pool is relatively hot, everyone is really hard, and hope that when we leave Grab items, go back and write us a good place, we do not write bad place, and more to help us bragging rights ."Liu Xiang · smiling parents watching TV game like Guangzhou sister Liu Xiang Billed as the swimming world goddess, and other early members of different shore leave, Liu Xiang was scheduled coach in the water more than training for a while.For interview requests from the media, Liu Xiang began politely refused: "It is no good results, do not interview the bar."Fortunately, after I promised.After water, Liu Xiang who plastered "tape" back to the lounge before a short-sleeved jacket smiling after the board came to the interview background.Interestingly, just have to mention the reporters interview requests after Liu Xiang really seem to forget standing in front of the interview, but rather Liu Xiang smiled and looked around, waiting to ask questions.Fu yuanhui different with hearty laughter, Liu Xiang is moisten things silently laugh laugh."I have been preparing for the 50m freestyle, and now the normal state of mind is also good."She said, than after the country fully Championship, injured shoulder, upper limb training is not about a month," This is the third world championships, the last is the first six, the fight for better."Liu Xiang said he now has in place the training, physical fitness is also a need to strengthen a little.Although the 50 meters freestyle short-range projects, but also physical fitness requirements."My game is scheduled back in the World Championship a few days, he took part in a project."Liu Xiang admitted that his biggest problem is the mentality sometimes go wrong," sometimes I do not trust yourself, because this project some difficulty, now is give yourself encouragement."As an athlete, when their own parents is bound to focus on the game, sometimes to the scene to cheer.Liu Xiang said his parents should no Gwangju to watch the match, "because my mom went to the site several times to see my game, my grades are not very good, so they should be at home watching TV."

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