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  Strait Industrial Design Competition start "wisdom" to help industry in Quanzhou, Fujian Province 2020 Quanzhou Strait Industrial Design Competition cum cross-strait college students design workshop on the 16th start in Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone in Fujian Province.The two sides 37 universities, 130 students gathered, expand the Industrial Design "Competition"."The competition for the integrated production and research will not only help students to better design and creative play, but also allows mainland enterprises to find more talented people."Taiwans Tatung University associate professor of industrial design Li Fuyuan said that while industrial design competition, exchange students and mainland students to Taiwan more closely, to create favorable conditions for their future employment and entrepreneurship to the mainland.According to the game schedule, participating students in late July and early August in two batches enterprises settled a 15-day survey, covering corporate umbrella, ceramics, stone, food, clothing accessories, high-tech electronics and machinery manufacturing and other fields.Subsequently, participating students will be designed for the needs of enterprise development, and design work by the jury of a comprehensive appraisal.First time participating product design students southeast Taiwan University of Science and Technology Chen Yiwen said that she is very fond of ceramics, hoping to learn more about the depth Dehua ceramic culture and level of technology, and the knowledge of its own creative design.This workshop addition to the traditional design of innovative manufacturing workshops, also added online workshops topics, designed for enterprise project in the form of institutions subject.We have been in the mainlands Taiwan youth employment Jiang Jun Yee once again participate in this competition, and look for opportunities for cooperation."Quanzhou humanities attracted me, no stranger to the mainland to work and live feeling."Jiang Jun Yee believes that the rapid economic development in Quanzhou, the industry is well developed, it provided a broad space for industrial design students to play both sides.Quanzhou cross-strait college students design workshops held so far, it has attracted a total of 132 domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning in the 3251 Industrial Design outstanding students to participate in, and is designed to 75 Quanzhou local traditional manufacturing enterprises a 1785 outstanding works to promote industrial innovation Quanzhou upgrade."At present, Quanzhou traditional manufacturing industry is facing a transformation and upgrading, industrial design and creative thinking needs intervention."Quanzhou City Mayor Wang Yongli expressed the hope that Taiwan students can more than Quanzhou walk and see, later choose to Quanzhou employment, find better feel at home.

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