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  Children left behind in rural areas of Yunnan 39.96 million people continue to improve the system of care services Reporter on the 25th learned from the Yunnan Provincial Civil Affairs Department news conference, according to the latest statistics, as of the end of June, Yunnan provinces rural left-behind children up to 39.96 million people, the basic sign a "delegate the responsibility of guardianship confirmation".The data also show that as of the end of June, the plight of children in Yunnan province up to 59.86 million people.Yunnan Provincial Civil Affairs Department Deputy Director Zhang Liangyu, in recent years, left-behind children in rural areas of Yunnan and the plight of child care services continue to improve the system.The first half of 2020, Yunnan raise orphans, HIV-infected children and the fact that no dependents basic standard of living of children.Among them, scattered children allowance 1274 yuan per month, focus on the dependent orphans pension monthly per capita reached 2,074 yuan, respectively, an increase of 20 over last year.6% 11.3%.In addition, Yunnan Province, but also the implementation of "joint custody accompanied by the growth of" special long-term mechanism of action level to strengthen childrens work force, to accelerate the three child welfare service network construction, and implementation of the "Tomorrow Plan", "student project" and a series of projects.At present, Yunnan provinces rural children left behind basic sign a "delegate the responsibility of guardianship confirmation"; the province has set up childrens supervisor 1786, children Director 14620; provincial Welfare Community Chest invested 13.2 million yuan construction of 440 childrens homes.

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