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  Private Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of the public three times City a total of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of private medical institutions in 1164 amounted to triple WASHINGTON Public Hospital of society do in the number of Chinese medical institutions have occupied the "absolute advantage", but the amount of clinics and there is a gap in public medical institutions.Chinese medicine in Beijing, Tianjin and Development Forum held last weekend, leaders from Beijing Municipal Office of Chinese medicine society organizations for innovation and development reached a consensus, the force in terms of brand building, innovative building and construction personnel, and public health institutional division of labor, to provide patients with better care.It is understood that, as of the end of 2020, a total of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing medical institutions in 1164, accounting for 10 of the total number of the citys medical institutions.6%.Chinese medical institutions, there are 220 hospitals, 51 public hospitals, private hospitals 169.In addition, there are 220 clinics in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic 725.Insiders said that practicing law is the basis for sound development of the Chinese medical industry, only individuals can comply with laws and regulations, Chinese medical industry to orderly and healthy development of the industry in order to.Individual Chinese medical institutions illegal practice not only harm the interests of the masses, but also crowding out normal living space law development agencies, but also seriously affected the image and sound development of the industry.Currently, Beijing has started a new round of medical reform, promote reform and improve synchronization.Beijing Chinese Medicine Association, Secretary-General Office of Chinese medicine society organizations working committee to help even the king said, do Chinese medical institutions of society need to join forces.Private medical institutions can provide a better service, but at the same time to have a first-class specialist, first-class brand, so as to achieve sustainable development of the society of organized medicine.Some idea of the development of traditional Chinese medical institutions is "renowned Legislative Yuan", the development of the concept of some Chinese medical institutions and public hospitals are differences in development, others are forming their own specialty.Experts suggest that society do Chinese medical institutions but also increase investment in information technology, continuous innovation in form and content, let Shekuaibanyi better reflected in the advantages of service.

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