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  How low the first half of car sales in the machinery industry bottomed out In the first half, car sales are low, dragging down the overall performance of the industry - how the effects of mechanical industry bottomed out Economic Daily · China Economic Net reporter Liu Jin in the first half, by the macroeconomic down, six national emissions standards in some areas ahead of the implementation of other factors, car sales low, dragging down the overall performance of the machine-building industry.January to May, the cumulative growth of mechanical industrial added 4.4% lower than the same period the national industry and machinery industry last year.Industry to bottom out, where to make the effort?Some companies have made a useful exploration in intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing.Experts predict that the industry is expected to rebound in the second half, the annual growth rate is expected to reach around 6% - "By 2020, industry economic downturn beginning."Wang Ruixiang, president of China Machinery Industry Federation said that in January to May, the cumulative growth rate of industrial added value of machinery 4.4% lower than the same period the national industry and machinery industry last year, the cumulative growth rate of the national economy sectors involving five categories has dropped slightly compared with last year, in which the automotive industry is particularly evident.Wang Ruixiang was made such statements in the recently held its fifteenth session of the "China Machinery Industry hundred, automobile industry, 30 companies Information Conference".He also pointed out that the mechanical industry to strengthen their confidence, and actively promote supply-side structural reforms, padded short board, enabling innovation.Bottom again after the rebound from statistical data in 2020, the industrial added value growth rate of mechanical fluctuations, saw a decline, rebounded, and then declining condition.Wherein, in January to February, mechanic added value up 2%; January to March is the value 6.3%; January to April 5%; January to May 4.4%.Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers affect the division Jianhua said that from the industry output and sales this year in January to May of view, by the macroeconomic down, six national emissions standards in some areas ahead of the implementation and other factors, the countrys automobile production and sales remain low, mainly in weak consumer market, lack of consumer confidence, wait and see mood was significantly etc.."General equipment manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry accounted for the proportion of about 60%, which leads to changes in the growth rate of industrial added value growth rate slowed down the entire machine."Executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said Chen Bin, the main categories of view, January to May decreased by 1% year on year the automotive industry, 7 percentage points lower than the national industry; general equipment manufacturing industry increased by 5.7% lower than the national industrial 0.3 points.Other types of growth performance was slightly better than the above two categories.For example, special equipment manufacturing industry increased by 9%, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry grew 9.7%, and instrumentation manufacturing grew 9.9%, respectively, higher than the national industrial growth 3, 3.7 and 3.9 points.120 kinds of products from the main focus of the monitoring point of view, an increase of yield of product 48 species, accounting for 40%, 32 kinds of reduction than the previous year; decrease production up 72 kinds of products, accounting for up to 60% over the previous year increase 32 kinds.Chen Bin said the trend from earlier this year to achieve the kind of product output growth has decreased, the number of output growth has been less than half of the products.Chen Bin, changes in the characteristics of the product yield mainly in heavy machinery, general machinery, and other major petrochemical products to maintain growth, but growth rate down; the main basis for products to maintain moderate growth; engineering machinery, environmental protection machinery, instruments and meters after rapid growth after product sales division in output of major products are ups and downs; electric appliances, machine tool production further slow down; automobile, agricultural-related products continues to be weak.5G breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing bottleneck at the press conference, vice president of Jiangsu ha artificial intelligence robot Corporation represents high-strength, benefiting from intelligent manufacturing usher development opportunities, the company first appeared in the "Mechanical hundred"."The new round of global technological revolution and the industrial revolution gave birth to the rise, after ten years of accumulated technology, intelligent manufacturing and rapid development in the world, China is also follow the development trend, we have introduced new measures."Gao said, ha artificial intelligence since mid-2017 has taken to the main business of high-end smart manufacturing equipment, industrial robots since the cloud service platform and one-stop pace of transformation field of artificial intelligence, has completed a preliminary layout of the whole industry chain of industrial robots.Future, Kazakhstan will further develop artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and intelligent high-end manufacturing industry synergies by building bridges and industrial technology, industry and capital, boost industrial transformation and upgrading, to build a manufacturing power to contribute.In the Mobile Communications Conference recently held on by Sany, Huawei, intelligent jump salary and other enterprises jointly build the worlds first 5G remote control excavator officially unveiled.On the remote operation stage, big screen clearly showing the first view of the bucket and far, nearly a third perspective.By 5G mobile network, the staff launched the worlds first 5G far remote control excavator Luoyang Luanchuan molybdenum mine thousands of miles away.In the open pit area, the excavation equipment is completed, rotation, and other remote loading, no complex operation.Institute director thirty-one dig big stone to the star is the project leader.In the show, he conceal his excitement, "5G technology allows remote control signal transmission finally broke through the bottleneck, which is a global engineering machinery industrys first application landing 5G Case."CaiWeiCi China, deputy director of Machinery Industry Federation Expert Committee, said in a tough external environment, machinery industry itself highlights that structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of some progress, mainly in technology to digital, networked and intelligent as the main direction progress was accelerated.Teachers Jianhua also said that Chinas automobile industry to speed up new energy, lightweight, intelligent network associated with the digital direction, the car is transformed into a large mobile intelligent terminals, storage units and digital space, crew, vehicles, cargo, operating platform and foundation facilities and other intelligent interconnection and data sharing.Production collaboration to fully interconnected intelligent manufacturing systems evolution, development, and manufacturing efficiency increased dramatically.Manufacturing value-added services to enhance the users perspective, a good product and technology services is an important criterion for purchase."With hook and loader, we have three factory multiple purchases, there are already seven equipment of the Group Lingong."Talking about the temporary workers of mining equipment, Changchun, a mining company mining director Liuguang Yan concluded that little problems, high efficiency, oil province, good service is its use of temporary workers feel brand equipment, the company also continues to purchase additional the main reason of temporary workers brand equipment."Enhance the added value through service-oriented manufacturing has become more and more the direction of enterprise development."CaiWeiCi said that conform to the needs of users upgrading trend, some companies move from the past to the stand-alone sales service system by simply selling hardware to software and hardware supply kits.This is not only convenient for users, but also enhance their own benefit.2020 "Mechanical hundred" list, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in order to "level fast all" product lines, steady annual increase in operating results, ranked No. 47, up two places from 2017.It is understood that since 2020, Shantui that "marketing drive" to "product-driven" in the direction of the transformation strategy, to create high attendance, low cost, fast service response, the whole product line of product advantages, allowing customers to experience the "high and low speed full "service experience.Automobile industry has also started reconstruction services, from product provider to evolve into "product + service + travel program" provider, the user interface becomes the key.Division Jianhua said that the new generation of young consumers more personalized features, to automotive products and services have more emotional appeal, including the unique sense of pressure relief and experience growth.Car consumption trend is to gradually shift consumption from the performance of consumer sentiment, the future of personalized on-demand production will become a trend."Overall, the machinery industry transformation and upgrading of structural adjustment has been some progress, but it should not be overly optimistic; such as forward, there will be considerable progress to keep going."CaiWeiCi said that this is the future hope of Machinery Industry.He expects the industry is expected to rebound in the second half, the annual growth rate is expected to reach around 6%; next year and "Fourteen" period, the average annual growth rate of industrial machinery may be further reduced to 5.5-6% of.Liu Jin

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