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  Japan Tokyo Skytree Tower and organize activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year Chinese red lights According to Japans "Chinese Herald" reported that during the Spring Festival in 2020, and the Tokyo Tower Sky Tree will organize activities, Chinese red lights.2020 New Years Eve, the Tokyo Tower is lit for the first time, "Red China", in Japan, overseas Chinese gathered to celebrate the arrival of Spring Festival Tokyo Tower.When he was appointed ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua speech with former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, Japans Vice Minister of Ministry of Education and co floating island Tomoko lit Tokyo Tower.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also presented a video by New Year wishes to the Chinese people.2020 lighting event caused great concern in all sectors of both parties, by hundreds of Chinese and foreign media coverage race.Tokyo Tower is lit red China, not only passed the Japanese people good wishes to the Chinese people, but also deliver a blessing to the motherland compatriots in Japan, loved ones, people of both countries and Japan leave a beautiful memory in common.2020 New Years Eve, Chinese Tokyo Tower will be lit red again.In the development of Sino-Japanese relations continued to improve in the background, to celebrate the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Chinese people a happy New Year blessing, initiated by overseas Chinese in Japan, and the Japanese public friendly people and actively promote the "Tokyo Tower lit Chinese New Years Eve red "campaign, will be held the evening of January 24 2020, 20:30 in tokyo.Currently lighting activity is in full swing in preparation, will be officially held on 24 January 2020, 20:30 New Years Eve.The lighting in 2020 on the basis of the new big pot, "dumplings" link, you will eat dumplings at Tokyo Tower, celebration.There are day Zigong lantern, lion dance and overseas Chinese in Japan, more than a thousand children to attend lighting ceremony and celebration show.Coincidentally, the 2020 Tokyo Sky Tree will also be in 2020 January 25 to 27, for three consecutive days at 20:00 to 22:00, with auspicious red lights for the festive tone of the special light color.This activity is supported by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan and All Japan Federation of Overseas Chinese.Sky Tree Sky Tree is also known, is a radio tower located in Tokyo, Japan Sumida.From Tokyo Tower New Years Eve, New Years Day to three days of clear sky tower, red lights slowly filled with festive wishes for the New Year, is the hometown of overseas Chinese ignited close to the culture, but also a symbol of the current Sino-Japanese relations temperature.

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