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  Shanghai police questioned 12 Taiwanese Securities analyst Taiwan media attention Shanghai police questioned 12 Taiwanese securities analysts, Taiwan media attention] [Global Times reported on the growing tension in cross-strait relations sensitive moment, 12 Shanghai "thousand and one hundred million education and training Limited" is the Taiwanese Securities analyst Shanghai police questioned the news sparked concern on the island.According to Taiwan, "Wang reported that" 14 reported that Taiwans Mainland Affairs Council confirmed on the 13th, Taiwan "National Police Criminal Investigation Bureau," the mainland has confirmed contact window, there are 12 Taiwanese analyst with Shanghai police were summoned, of which nine have been Bail, three with "illegal business" detention.Reported that the analyst was arraigned, many quite high popularity in Taiwan.It is reported that "thousand and one hundred million," the largest shareholder is controversial stock market analyst Liao Yingjiang.2020 May, Liao Yingjiang due to market manipulation, illegal access to a huge gain, was sentenced to Chinas securities regulator RMB 1.2.9 billion yuan fine."Global Times" reporter has learned that "thousand and one hundred million" applications "Love Trader" was accused of recommended stocks to investors which led to its loss, they claim can help investors limit catch shares.It is understood that the company did not sell such software qualification.13, the number of Taiwan to Shanghai media "thousand and one hundred million" field visits, staff analyst for the Taiwanese were mostly silent on the issue of Communications.Taiwans "Economic Daily" said, the mainland released the end of February last year, states that "appropriate qualifications acquired in Taiwan, the Taiwan compatriots on the mainland apply for securities, futures, when the fund qualifications, simply by mainland laws and regulations exam, without having to participate in professional knowledge test".However, most of the development of the continent to the Taiwan stock market analysts have not made the continent licenses.Insiders said the anonymous island, the mainland stock market in recent years gradually on track, more and more strict official supervision."Economic Daily" said the mainland to engage in securities, futures, insurance and other industries have qualification requirements, if not qualified and engaged in related work, will be suspected of illegal business; especially if it involves "Rat" is to fear crime of insider trading punished, the most important will face more than 5 years, 10 years in prison."United Daily News" 14 said, if not hold sufficient evidence to believe that Shanghai police will not act rashly, XingJu Moreover, while there are three mainland Analyst.But many Taiwanese on the matter of intuition reaction was "strained cross-strait relations," "so that Taiwan also look distorted mentality of cross-strait affairs, no doubt is another tragedy in Taiwan".

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