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  A strong army brigade pioneer flight: first we repay the motherland! Chinese New Year to go strong army barracks Shu Pioneer Flight Team: We first repay the motherland!Witnessing a Journey "strong army brigade pioneer flight" air combat training Air Force - Fenfei blue sea and sky in the motherland Liberation Army Daily reporter Li Jianwen Chen Yi Wen Bao special correspondent Ambrose middle of winter, southeast somewhere cold rain pattering.Lunar New Year small, reporters came to the air force brigade "strong army brigade pioneer flight" encamping airport, is caught in a dogfight combat training.At the airport control tower, the reporter saw the show the day of the flight plan on the electronic screen.After briefly issued a mandate, strong high school captain, pilot Tommy played the red side, the pilot Yao Kai, Ma Lam plays the blue side immediately started technical and tactical coordination, in preparation for the next confrontation.Along with flares into the sky, flight training started.Both red and blue pilot flight suits with tidy, ready flew off, carried out combat training."172, slides out!"With the tower commander issued a password, fighters from the hangar slowly sliding out towards the take-off line."172, to observe birds, you can take off!"With a huge roar, reporters watched their fighters fly to the sky blue sea.This is a so afraid of the enemy troops.As the first batch of the Air Force set up, the first team entered the war, the first performance of the winning hero Flight Team, our ancestors had pioneered in the Korean Peoples Air Force history on the battlefield combat, melee, night fighting and annihilating record, achieved 16 enemy planes shot down or damaged brilliant record, emerged Zhang Jihui, Lee Han and many other heroes and models.Chief of Brigade Combat Boot telephoto Zihang proudly told reporters, all these years, predecessors of glory in their hands continue to carry forward the tradition - on the eve of last year Bayi the brigade Central Military Commission granted "a strong army brigade pioneer flight," the honorary title, awarded himself flag award.Last October 1, National Day 70 anniversary parade, the brigade and early warning command and control aircraft composed by reading echelon, to accept the motherland and the people once again review.Last October 29, brigade officers and men across thousands of kilometers, went to an airport in the southeast coast of encamping."172, set the east side, the west side of the rotary, attention west, west note!" 172 understand that I have positive goals.Although not the first time guided air combat confrontation, but the ever-changing combat situation or let the staff feel the pressure control operations."Recently, increased rainfall, even so we also launched almost every day."Brigade leader told reporters, on duty at all times maintain a high alert status.Is Yuehua Jian, aircraft homing, both red and blue pilot flying the plane went straight commenting room, on just air combat training conducted against Replay.4 pilots while staring at video playback, while aircraft simulation with both hands, for every action just a tactical training will be re-set."Coming here, in addition to daily training, we have to confront every day ready to launch."Captain High School Qiang told reporters, dispose of air bursts special situations, have been encamping for a three-month pilot who has long been commonplace.Spring Festival approaching, more concentrated in taste, and for the soldiers stationed there for training, the festival is preparing for the day.This year, the "strong army brigade pioneer flight" pilots will once again outside the New Year.Although the last year, a task that item stubble continuous pressure, a lot of people did not have time with his family, but when the call of the motherland, when officers and men each have to stand tall at the head of - "Motherland with our first name, we use first to return to motherland!"Pioneer track actions, mountains and rivers under the wing peace.

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